Personas vs. Jobs-To-Be-Done

This is a really interesting article from Page Laubherimer about a methodology called jobs to be done that focus on users’ problems and needs for creating a persona that can be used as a reference when creating a new game or a new service.

I personally use the personas technique in some of the games that we have produced over the past few years and I am sold to it. Every time we have to use it, we have seen benefits in our design decision making, a better understanding of what we should do to please our target audience and each time the game works well in terms of KPI.


In fact, I have seen multiple video games company investing millions of dollars without having any idea what was their target audience. I always find it surprising to do so but!

I know that the personas technique isn’t unanimous to everyone one but I always think that this is better than nothing!

Here’s is the link to the article from Page Laubheimer where you will have a more detailed explanation about the Jobs-To-Be-Done technique that he proposed.

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Regulars: The Impact of Great Technology on User Engagement

Happy new year!

I found an interesting video to watch from Jeff Howell, CTO of Kabam where he discusses the impact of great technology on user engagement in gaming. It’s a 24:00 video that worth to be watching if you are interested in in-game performance and development. The video has been uploaded 3 years ago and Kabam seems to be already at that time far ahead compared to other game studios.

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Source: Youtube

Webinar: How COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior on mobile forever

App Annie to present a webinar on Tuesday, August 2020 about the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on consumer behavior on mobile. They also state in the title that these changes will affect consumer behavior forever.

Source: Appannie

That sounds intriguing even do that the webinar won’t be entirely about the gaming aspect on mobile, it’s always good to have a clear understanding of how a global situation may affect the way that people interact with their mobile devices.

Here is the link to the registration form

Understand audiences and designing better mobile games

Facebook gaming partnership Facebook IQ and Game Raffinery to present an interesting report about understanding audiences and designing better mobile games.

Image credits: Facebook

If you are in mobile game development, there’s a lot of useful insight that you can find in that report. Here’s the link to the Game Raffinery form that you can fill up to get access ot the full report!

Apple stops Microsoft’s XCloud gaming app.

Nice read that I wanted to share with all of you about Apple position to stops Microsoft’s XCloud gaming app to be published on the app store. This app will allow gamers to live-stream from the cloud and play console games on their mobile devices.

Image credits: Microsoft

Like Lucas Matney mention in his article, Apple has become a major video game company that not only some gamers don’t even consider. Apple has a huge influence on the video game ecosystem and that decision may be impactful.

On the other hand, we can clearly understand their decision that makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint, but I personally see more apple as a game publisher than a video game company.

Read the full article here

Clash of Clans: Bigger, Better, Battle pass

Pretty good presentation from Eino Joas Game Lead at splinter cell about how the make the game bigger with the Clan war feature has been added to the game.

Eino also talks about the battle pass feature that increases their revenues jumped about 72% to 71$ million in a month after gold pass introduction.
What triggered me the most about Eino presentation, is that he talks about fixing the fundamentals problem of the game to have the battle pass

working. From my personal experience, I do felt that more than often, the teams are running for the next big feature that will increase metrics and still spend tons of money and production time without taking time to evaluate and fix the current in a game problem. If you enjoy the post, don’t hesitate to follow us and share it amongst your friends!