Personas vs. Jobs-To-Be-Done

This is a really interesting article from Page Laubherimer about a methodology called jobs to be done that focus on users’ problems and needs for creating a persona that can be used as a reference when creating a new game or a new service.

I personally use the personas technique in some of the games that we have produced over the past few years and I am sold to it. Every time we have to use it, we have seen benefits in our design decision making, a better understanding of what we should do to please our target audience and each time the game works well in terms of KPI.


In fact, I have seen multiple video games company investing millions of dollars without having any idea what was their target audience. I always find it surprising to do so but!

I know that the personas technique isn’t unanimous to everyone one but I always think that this is better than nothing!

Here’s is the link to the article from Page Laubheimer where you will have a more detailed explanation about the Jobs-To-Be-Done technique that he proposed.

I do personally really like the conclusion of the article. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment and share it with your colleagues. If you enjoy it, smash the follow us button!