Loot boxes linked to problem gambling in new research – LOL!

To be honest, I can’t understand how a virtual loot box can create an ethical problem and being considered gambling. It’s been a while that I see those kinds of clickbait articles going on and I am clearly lost, there’s probably an obscure force that tries to make the game developers being evil.

I mean how much a virtual loot box is different than a collector’s card pack?

Is it because people that are doing research are not able to give a real value to virtual goods?

How much does a Pokemon collector should spend to acquire the entire collection?

I mean by writing these lines,

Bitcoin a digital asset cryptocurrency value is $59k USD

The artist Beeple sold his collage for $89M USD

A crypto investor buy an ugly icon for $7.5M

Jack Dorsey sells his first tweet for $2.9M

Well, forced to admit that there are some people that value virtual goods and this is only the beginning.

I can’t understand how do people see loot boxes as an evil gambling mechanic more than collector’s card pack, they are the same and better than, at least, most of the games company will clearly indicate to you the % of chances that you have to gain every loot part, collector’s card pack don’t!

Don’t hesitate to comment I want to hear you opinion about that topic.