Physical skills

Here is the list of the different physical skills and their definition.

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The player must control his action using the amplitude of his movement and the level of pressure on the thumbstick /pad /buttons /stylus.

Example: The player moves his crosshair on a specific area on a target. (Headshot in a first person chooter) 


The player must provide an accurate and precise input.

Example: The player moves his crosshair in the direction of a target 


The player must react to an unpredictable stimulus and provide the appropriate input at the right time.

Example; a hidden car that appears in the player path in a racing game.  


The player must anticipate the right moment to provide an input.

Example; Clicking on the right button at the right moment in Guitar Hero 


The player must keep doing the same action and must resist to tiredness of doing it.

Example; The 10000 feet race in track & field. 


If there are other skills that you feel should be written on this page, don’t hesitate to contact me and share them with me!