Tableau report regarding data-trends

Tableau share a report regarding data-trends. It’s not only abont gaming industries but more about the adoption of data in today’s business. As you know, gaming industry use data since a while and compare to other companies, we are ahead on many field.

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The section about AI where is move from abstract to actionnable is really interesting. The section about how executives share responsability for the future of data & analytics is also worth to read.

So far, this is a clear indication that it’s only the beginning of Data being apply to moslty everything.

Follow the link for more detailed.

Assassin’s creed dev becomes block producer for EOS gaming bockchain

Ok, I know and lots of people that follow my blog told me that I don’t post enough and this post is again about blockchain but this may it BIG!

According to coin telegraph, Ubisoft the leader behind assassins creed’s will partner with a sidechain of EOS blockchain decentralized network.

Unfortunately, we can not prove that the news is true because the press release can’t be foundf on the Ubisoft official website at the moment of writing those lines.

ENJIN blockchain is coming to Minecraft

If we look at this video below, it seems that ENJIN will deliver a plugin that will be used in Minecraft.

Here is the link to they twitter account announcement about that news:

I do think it’s a big announcement and this is only one of the first steps on how blockchain technology will influence video game in the upcoming years.

‘Thought Leader’

‘Thought Leader’ gives talk that will inspire your thoughts 

Just ran up to that small video presentation that it at the same time funny but also very interesting. If you want to improve your presentation skills and see how you can developped as a presenter, this one for you.

And here’s the link to the slide in case you wanted to go deeper:

How Fortnite’s success led to months of intense crunch at Epic Games

This is a really interesting post from polygon about Fortnite success and how Epic games employees must do crunch time in order due to the game success. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm that everything related in the post is true but if it’s the case; well, I’ll let you read it and make your own opinion on the subject.

Here are some of the quotes from EPIC employee about their experience during the Fortnite production.

I’ve friends breakdown in tears

Getting a weekend away from work is a major achievement


Motivate player for better retention and engagement

When it comes the time to engage and retain player in your game, the player motivation is definitively one of the most important aspects to take in consideration. In fact, you will need a strong gameplay loop and a great reward system.

motivate player engagement for better retention

But you will also need to know if your motivation system please different types of player. Do you have everything in your game to have player keep playing for years?

Find it out by following this link

Using machine learning to automate mobile marketing budgets

Here is an interesting article about applying machine learning algorithm to improve the ROI of mobile marketing campaign. Those learning don’t only apply to the marketing campaign, you can also apply those to trigger conditionnal offer and increase the monetisation of your mobile game.

Enjoy the read on

Formula One partnership to Launch Ethereum Based Blockchain Game

Remember my post a few weeks ago about how blockchain will influence game design. If not, you must take the time to read it. From their official news release, Animoca brands announced a partnership with formula 1 to create a game based on the Etherrum blockchain network. It is just a matter of time before a major video game company will make the jump to start using blockchain technology.

Formula 1 partnership to launch blockhain game

Flow applied to game design

Read my new article that also been published on about the flow applied to game design.

In the 1970s a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi experimentally evaluated the flow. He found’s that a person’s skill and the difficulty of a task interact with a result of cognitive and emotional states.

In this article, I will explained what is the flow, how it’s working and what are the means that you can apply in video games to create that effect.

Follow that link to read the article