Clash of Clans: Bigger, Better, Battle pass

Pretty good presentation from Eino Joas Game Lead at splinter cell about how the make the game bigger with the Clan war feature has been added to the game.

Eino also talks about the battle pass feature that increases their revenues jumped about 72% to 71$ million in a month after gold pass introduction.
What triggered me the most about Eino presentation, is that he talks about fixing the fundamentals problem of the game to have the battle pass

working. From my personal experience, I do felt that more than often, the teams are running for the next big feature that will increase metrics and still spend tons of money and production time without taking time to evaluate and fix the current in a game problem. If you enjoy the post, don’t hesitate to follow us and share it amongst your friends!


Email marketing basics for video games – ebook

Email marketing basics for video games

I just found that interesting ebook about what to do for creating and efficient email marketing campaign for your video games. The book has been written by Chris Zukowski that is the owner of a blog how to market a game where you can find a free copy of his book. I invite you to navigate through his web site where you can find interesting stuff about how to market a game.

Coronavirus boost +39% mobile game download

It is a hard time for many people and many company but mobile game seems to profit of the current world situation. As report by the reuters, the mobile game download worldwide climb about 39% in February. The app store noted a 62% rise in game download in China alone during the this month.

Follow this link for more detailed.

Even if it’s a great news for mobile video game industries, all our wishes are to all the victims of the coronavirus and hope that a vaccin to prevent more death will be find ASAP.

Covid-19 – simple way to explain the math behind the virus spread

Little less about game design but more about math and data analytics, that is interrelated from my point of view. The Washington post explain the curve behind the Covid-10 spread.

This is not a prophecy, this is mathematic and real data!

E3 2020 cancelled – cause coronavirus

Well it’s official and everywhere on the web. The E3 2020 is officialy cancel. This is the first time that this situation happen since the inauguration in 1995.

Is the real cause rely on the potential breakout of the covid-19? That we will only know next year but we have to remind that Sony already announced that they weren’t present E3.

Is that the end of E3? I personnaly don’t think so because over the big show going on, there’s all the business meeting that will still needs to remains.

Will see if the 2021 edition will remains

Tableau report regarding data-trends

Tableau share a report regarding data-trends. It’s not only abont gaming industries but more about the adoption of data in today’s business. As you know, gaming industry use data since a while and compare to other companies, we are ahead on many field.

Preview(opens in a new tab)

The section about AI where is move from abstract to actionnable is really interesting. The section about how executives share responsability for the future of data & analytics is also worth to read.

So far, this is a clear indication that it’s only the beginning of Data being apply to moslty everything.

Follow the link for more detailed.

Assassin’s creed dev becomes block producer for EOS gaming bockchain

Ok, I know and lots of people that follow my blog told me that I don’t post enough and this post is again about blockchain but this may it BIG!

According to coin telegraph, Ubisoft the leader behind assassins creed’s will partner with a sidechain of EOS blockchain decentralized network.

Unfortunately, we can not prove that the news is true because the press release can’t be foundf on the Ubisoft official website at the moment of writing those lines.