About me

                                 Game designer

My name is Daniel and I’ve been a game designer, lead game designer and creative director for more than 20 years.

I am focusing more on mobile gaming and free to play games or also known as a game as a service. I created this page to share my knowledge and discoveries.

Mobile gaming is alive, it is not a product that is created, sent out, and forgotten about. Mobile designers create a service that will live for years after being released.

Being a good free to play game designers need to develop a variety of skills compared to AAA big production designers. They need to be business experts, game design experts, monetization experts, and marketing experts.

They need to design services that will attract, retain and monetize users. It is far more complex to master these skills, and this is exactly why few people achieve repeat successes.

One of the first free-to-play games that I’ve made is still successful today and still generates good revenues every day and this after 8 years. Is it a science? Is it knowledge? Is it a recipe? Is it a chance?

From my experience, It is a little bit of everything but this blog will offer you a good way to learn, discover and develop yourself in your video game designer and become better at doing it.