Form Follows Function

Forms follow functions is a principle that is associated with modern architecture and more precisely to the architect Louis Henri Sullivan that is called “Father of Modernism” and he is considered the creator of the modern skyscraper.

Form Follows Function is the basic element to master for any kind of design in any different field of expertise. Whether it is for industrial, architecture, furniture, urban and so on, but what about game design?

Watch this little video that clearly resumes the form follows function concept.

So, if you understand clearly the purpose of the video, the function should always come before becoming the usability, the ergonomics and the aesthetics.

The FORM of an object should be at first based on its intended FUNCTION.                           The FORM of that object needs to be a clear sign of the FUNCTION of an object.

Simple, the function should define the form and the form needs to be a clear sign of function.

Lots of game designer still apply the “Form Follows Precedent” Of course it can still work, every game company can have luck and still have success by following their precedent. But as the competition is more and more aggressive and the market becomes more and more crowded, this strategy is now less viable. This is where innovation and creativity become important and bringing creativity in your game concept is also part of the atomic game design fundamentals.