Regulars: The Impact of Great Technology on User Engagement

Happy new year!

I found an interesting video to watch from Jeff Howell, CTO of Kabam where he discusses the impact of great technology on user engagement in gaming. It’s a 24:00 video that worth to be watching if you are interested in in-game performance and development. The video has been uploaded 3 years ago and Kabam seems to be already at that time far ahead compared to other game studios.

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Source: Youtube


Formula One partnership to Launch Ethereum Based Blockchain Game

Remember my post a few weeks ago about how blockchain will influence game design. If not, you must take the time to read it. From their official news release, Animoca brands announced a partnership with formula 1 to create a game based on the Etherrum blockchain network. It is just a matter of time before a major video game company will make the jump to start using blockchain technology.

Formula 1 partnership to launch blockhain game