Mental skills


Here is the list of different mental skills and their definition

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The player must retain a sequence of action for a certain amount of time. Keep focus.

Example; The toy Simon where the player must repeat a colour pattern that evolves. 


The player must be able to organise a limited supply of scarce resources.

Example; Managing action cool down in a combat game 


The player must memorise and retain important information for a long period of time.

Example; Learning a hint that will be useful in three game session 


The player must observe an element that is part of the challenge.

Example; Hidden object game mechanic challenge the observation


Before jumping into the action, the player must make a decision based on limited information. 

Example; Selecting the gears of a character before going in the gameplay phase. 


The player must take the right decision and make the right decision by analysing observable information.

Example; Switching from an empty ammo weapon in a first person shooter to another one that has ammo in it. 


The player must gather information and string together clues to find a solution to a problem

Example; Find an object that allowed the player to solve a puzzle in Uncharted. 

If there are other skills that you feel should be written on this page, don’t hesitate to contact me and share them with me!