Atomic game design

Do you have any idea what is an emotional game designer? Well, It’s the kind of game designer that will spend too much time writing an exhaustive/too much detailed game design document that nobody on the team will read! If you work with that kind of game designer, well, welcome to the Jurassic era. This is not that kind of game design that you will learn on this website. It will be different.

If you follow all the formation steps, you will become a really good designer. At least, you will have the tool to become one would you find a company that will be allowed you to become on of them? That is another story.

That website will propose you a game design methodology that will make you create better games. That methodology is used in some big AAA company. You will learn how to forget about the form and work from the function. You will learn how to deconstruct your game play to an atomic level.

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The question is…So why most of the video game company start their creative process by creating art concept, visual intention and even a fake game footage? Their goal is to make their stockholder dream. Sell them a promise mostly based only on emotional design. Unfortunately, most of the time, it`s only at the ALPHA stage that they will realise that all the amazing feature that they think about are not fun together. Strangely, this is at this exact moment that the team start their crunch time. And believe me, some of the game company planned it that way.

This is a good design process can save time and make you create better games.

Are you ready to atomise your game design?

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