KING – Soft launch new match three game with real PVP

It seems that with the new upcoming title Stellar: Galaxy Commander.  King jump to real time PVP with this new title. I haven’t seen the game appear on the Canadian AppStore. The news comes from touch arcade and after looking at the different market, it seems that the game can only be found on the Netherlands market. The game exists on App Annie but I can’t find any tracking about it.

iPhone schermafbeelding 1 iPhone schermafbeelding 2

The game can be a massive hit and the main reason why I’m telling that, it’s the fact that they master match three game and if they are able to appeal competitive game to that game then, it can clearly become another massive hit from King. My only concern right now is, Is the space battle type of game will resonate enough to be appealing enough to attract enough players?  There’s not a lot of game of that theme that works really well on the mobile market.  I haven’t played the game yet but for sure I will track the store to try it as soon as it will be available here in Canada.

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Supercell Brawl Stars Q&A

This is the list of things that I’ve to retain from Supercell fans Q&A from Reddit, they take the time to answer any fans questions and he is what I’ve retained;


  • The biggest competition between the dev team was about the tappers and the joystickers.

It’s funny because the first time we install the game, we do realise that this functionality was in A/B testing because some of my friends at work was starting with different functionality. For me, the dev team was too divided to make the decision by themselves and A/B test those things the soft launch phase a the perfect way to identify what player wants. It’s also possible to change the controller’s settings in the option, be sure that Supercell is tracking does metrics.

  •  It took 1.5 years to developed the game 

Most of mobile CEO still believe that it took 6 months to make a mobile game. My answer to them is, look at the top grossing and learn from them 😉  As a personal experience, I’ve already worked with a CEO that gives me 5 weeks of conception time! The funniest aspect in that his that I have already planned a 2 weeks vacation during that period… so 5-2= 3 weeks of conception! That was the kind of CEO that still believes today that having 9 women making a baby will took 1 month instead of 9!

  • Is there going to have a rank mode in the game? 

Their answer and it make perfect sense, they already have that backend infrastructure and since the competitive player is probably the one generated their revenue on their other games, be sure it will happen. Is their really mobile game company that target this player audience planning to not having a competitive mode for world launch today?

  • Since the potential for esports competition in this game is high, do you guys plan on capitalising on this in the future?

Of course the will, who won’t 😉 I already answer above!

  • Are there any new game modes that you guys are working on?

They answer; “We have a prototype mode that works a bit like a soccer match! Not sure if it will ever reach the live game though.” 

Yes, they prototype gameplay and ideas, and they iterate and they prototype again, and they iterate again and so on. They possibly kill lots of ideas and for those who believe that prototyping is a waste of time, take a deep breath and look at the top grossing market.  I mention that because I have the chance to work in different video game company and I must say that even if people do believe that prototyping is important, most of the time, they don’t!

They certainly kill lots of ideas and they also possibly discover some great ideas from their prototype. For those who believe that prototyping is a waste of time, take a deep breath and look at the top grossing market.  I mention that because I have the chance to work in different video game company and I must say that even if people do believe that prototyping is important, most of the time, they don’t!

Most of the time, it’s not part of the company culture because the managers find that this is time-consuming period and that the team can get lost during the process. They also take into consideration that programmer’s hour is the most expensive one so why just don’t do the feature as design???

Well because a great design on paper means nothing until to put your hands-on and prototyping will often reduce the time you will spend on retake and those retakes happen mostly during a critical phase of the project.

  • How does one acquire a job at Supercell? 

Well, apply!

  • How do you determine whether a new brawler is worth adding to the game or not?

They brainstorm and they want new brawler to add something to the gameplay. Once they got an interesting idea, the prototype and test it out! From their, they decided if it goes live or not. That the most efficient way of doing a video game.

  • Visually this game looks completely different than any of SC’s previous games, I wouldn’t have guessed it was the same company. What was the inspiration for this?

They answer; Brawl Stars is a totally different game than Clash of Clans, so we felt it needed its own visual identity. Everybody was excited to create something new and different. Our inspiration was in part from classic games and Saturday morning cartoons. We’re all gamers, and we took inspiration from games that we grew up with and loved.

  • What file size limits do you have in terms of adding more skins, maps, and game modes?

They answer; We always try to optimise the file size to get more things added. Maps and game modes will not affect the file sizes too much, but new Brawlers and skins affect it quite a lot.

That is a really important point to consider if you are game developers especially if you design mobile game. It is proved by metrics that if your game is the one that takes the most space on the player device, you got a better chance to de uninstalled sooner than later. Has free to play developers, you want your games to be live for years and keep adding stuff to it. That really important that your file size is small at the release of the project.

This is mostly what I retain from the Q&A but I invite you to take a look at the entire discussion by following this link