EA Paid Ninja $1 Million to Stream Apex Legends

Well given $1M to Ninja to stream APEX legends may seems a lot for most of the people but so far, but we must have to agreed their marketing strategy works pretty well. APEX legends has been a successful hit on launch and it clearly related and due to EA marketing strategy. The game is good, but their competitor were well installed. When you are in this situation, you must use the most appropriate marketing channel to reach your target audiance and bring them in your game.

I have to agree that to me and certainly to some other people it may sounds weird when a videogame companyt paid that amount of money to hire someone to stream and promote a game that game developer who work on the production of this game spends hours and hours way receive way more less than a streamer.

So far the truth is that it is a business, and event if gamers still beleive that the game developers are doing it by passion, they’re most of the time wrong. Game company are doing game because it as a potential to make big money. Few game developers are doing it by passion and it may be harsh to say but, passion is great but it won’t bring food on the table. A bad game well marketed will always work better than a good game without marketing.

If you work in F2P games and you have a small studio, it will be really hard to reach the top without investing massive money in marketing. Some of the company on mobile invest around +$500K per day to keep touching new player and stays at the top of the grossing chart. With that in perspective, spending 1M$ for a youtubers to promote your game is not that much. Although the most important question remain to me; “How someone that is paid 1M$ to stream and promote a game can be objective about it?”

source: https://twitter.com/Kotaku/status/1105929909808128001


ACTIVISION PATENT MATCHMAKING Matchmaking That Encourages Players To Buy Microtransactions

Following Kotaku news, it seems that Activision start patented their new online matchmaking system that has for goal to increase player to buy microtransactions.

I’m pretty sure that this is not the first video game company that made that intentional design because has a business side, it makes perfect sense. But having it patented is a step further than most of the game company shouldn’t be willing to. Will it become a race to patented all game designer ideas?


Source: https://kotaku.com/activision-patents-matchmaking-that-encourages-players-1819630937