KING – Soft launch new match three game with real PVP

It seems that with the new upcoming title Stellar: Galaxy Commander.  King jump to real time PVP with this new title. I haven’t seen the game appear on the Canadian AppStore. The news comes from touch arcade and after looking at the different market, it seems that the game can only be found on the Netherlands market. The game exists on App Annie but I can’t find any tracking about it.

iPhone schermafbeelding 1 iPhone schermafbeelding 2

The game can be a massive hit and the main reason why I’m telling that, it’s the fact that they master match three game and if they are able to appeal competitive game to that game then, it can clearly become another massive hit from King. My only concern right now is, Is the space battle type of game will resonate enough to be appealing enough to attract enough players?  There’s not a lot of game of that theme that works really well on the mobile market.  I haven’t played the game yet but for sure I will track the store to try it as soon as it will be available here in Canada.

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