The playstation VR sales are better than expected


The playstation VR sales are better than expected. Sony announced that since the last october, they sold around 915000 headsets which his more than what the company expected at first.

If you compare to the number of playstation 4 that has been sold, it’s still only 1,8% of the PS4 owner that bought the VR devices, that seems to me a really less impressive number is is’n it?

Sony main competitor also announced their own sales number, so HTC Vive sold around 420,000 units , while Facebook’s Oculus Rift sold 243,000 devices. This is for a grand total of  1,578M units sold around the world. Wish means that this is still a niche product and game company will have hard time to get back their money by investing in VR games. I mean, if you have the choices to build a game for 1,578M people or building your game for 62,4M people (PS4 owner and Xbox one owner) what do you think your choice will be?

I think that those devices will be more useful in educational or research field than video game field. I don’t think that with that small amount of devices sold, game company can expected to generate enough revenue to justify the investment.


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