Legacy of Discord – Furious wings

Legacy of discord – Furious winds is an RPG type of game with a MMO hub aspect. What I mean by MMO hub aspect is the fact that in the central place, you can see other player going around. Ah yeah, for those that can be interested by, there’s a lot of bubbling animated character too! ;-).

The game is publish by YOUZU games a company based in China and North America also well know by his successful league of angels game available on mobile and browser too.

Battle system 

The battle system is a  pretty simple one. The challenge of the game is more focused on strategic aspect than the tactical one. The auto play functionality in the combat confirm that statement. So the most important choice that you will do, is to gear you character in order to beat bigger and bigger challenge. That is by definition a good driver for a lot of players isn’t.


The game offer a cooperative multiplayer experience where you can hack and slash enemies with your friend. There’s also a PVP mode that I haven’t test yet.


The visual of the game are stunning, but sometimes, I feel that the games become noisy so has a player, I’m loosing the focus on what’s really going on in my screen. Great visual came also with the aspect of being heavy to manage and my devices experiment some lag but it’s also may be due to the fact that I was recording my session at the same time.

Smart retention idea! 

I find pretty cool the reward that they gives you while downloading the big data packages. At one point, you have to download over 189 megs, that can be pursue has a kick off the game wall. But, in the game screen, they offer you to download the package but in exchange, they offer you a reward that worth 50$!



In terms of monetization, the game seems to perform really well with a great ARPU

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Legacy of discord is currently a hit on mobile, it is a top grossing game and if you like RPG game, you should definitively take a look at it!


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