Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada

Give it a chance!? –at least watch our video

OK seriously, that game attracts me on the store by the fact that it gets 5 stars review. I mean 5 stars really?

That game is a real surprise for me. It has basic but effective graphic but the storyline is just so funny that you have to give it a chance.

It’s the story of a game developer that stops working to create its own game.  Has event happen in real life, some of the feature take place in his game. Has an example the new girl next door that just arrives become the princess to save in the game!

It is just brilliant…

While in the dungeon trying to save the princess, you have to draw your path to pass over all the dungeon’s tiles, kill the enemy, reach the princess and flee through the door.

And what about the music… 😉

Watch our video capture of Dandy Dungeon and enjoy it!


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