Monster Super League

The rival of summoner’s wars?

Summoners War is a big hit on mobile games. Is the studio 4:33 creative lab succeed to beat summoners with Monster Super League?

Well you can find my first hands on play session that his available on my Youtube channel. The game is for the studio 4:33 creative lab studio wish is a Korean based studio.

Battle Mechanics

The game offer a really simple battle mode where by doing basic action, a special action can be easily trigger by just moving up the character GUI. The battle mechanics also allow the player to use the auto-play to resolve the challenge.

Catch them all!

The game also have some Pokemon GO  aspect in it where you can try to catch enemies instead of fighting against. There’s more than than 550 atromon to catch in Monster Super League; a lot of hour to play!

On a final tough, the game seems to be a good success. They got decent download and great revenue. Their revenue per user seems pretty goods so there’s definitively something interesting to learn about this game.


If you like summoner’s war, you will definitively enjoy Monster Super League

Watch my video and enjoy and don’t forget to like or suscribe!


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